THE DOGS! HOW CUTE ARE THE DOGS?! And yes, the flowers are pretty great too. Stacey (@est.building) shows us how to style her beautiful November blooms in her home.

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Our fave pink peonies, scabiosa, sweet william and local hydrangea, clustered together with fresh foliage to make a bright and girly bouquet. Treat yourself or someone else with our fave pink November blooms!


This week we had Keely (@_keely) show off her bright & colourful blooms in her stunning home. As you may of already noticed, us gals LOVE spray painting leaves! It adds such a fun element to a bouquet and it also shows how versatile leaves can be if you get really creative!

Our spring fave, ranunculus, is back this week in neon shades of yellow and pink, with the gorgeous double tulips and our go-to blush and hot pink sprayed leaves... its our floral version of a week in Cabo.. #sendusplease


Merryn quickly became a very good friend of Clementine when she came to an appointment for her wedding flowers and said we could do WHATEVER we wanted!! She then followed this up with telling us all about her love of true crime podcasts, she bought her cat Toby in to visit the shop (which was the best day of Ash's life), and then gave birth to the most gorgeous, happy little boy we have ever met! Eli's fave hobbies include chasing grabbing flowers and trying to put them in his mouth, as you will see from the images below!


Merryn loves anything vibrant and cool, so our pick for her is the Hello Mumma!  Hot pink blooms mixed with tropical leaves, a gorgeous orchid and a splash of rose gold!

Eli recommends grabbing one for your Mumma before we reach capacity!


I got it from my Mumma!

We love and adore our Mums, we love and admire our friends who are Mums and we love that this week we get to celebrate them is a HUGE way! All this week we are going to share pics of some of our fave Mums, who were generous enough to hang out with us a few weeks ago and shoot our Mothers Day campaign!


The Clementine Crew will be working madly all week to prep and make your Mums the most gorgeous blooms... shop our online store now and make sure you get your order in!

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And in case you were wondering... this is what it looks like when you leave a florist with no kids herself in charge of SIX children while their Mums star in a photo shoot... see the panic in Ash's eyes! Thank goodness for good Mumma's and the great kiddos!


Its like rain (ah ainnnnnnnnnnnnnn)...

Most of our couples now choose to have outdoor ceremonies, which is a brilliant choice on a sunny Spring day BUT when those clouds roll over and there is no plan B, it can be a very stressful situation, and even more so when suddenly the heavens open and there is nothing that you can do! Bendooley Estate, which is one of our fave venues, have a gorgeous undercover ceremony alternative, but our Clementine couple Sarah and David decided to brave the clouds and went for the original outdoor alternative. They got through most of their ceremony before the heavens opened but with an army of white umbrellas on hand and vibrant blooms to offset the grey sky, everything worked out beautifully and captured expertly by Jimmy Raper