Clementine Hampy!

These pretty little guys landed on our website this week, due to popular demand! Now, we know that everrrrrrryone does hampers these days and we are not the first florists in the world to whack some together but we have given these our signature Clementine twist with gorgeous fresh moss, chunky flower heads and products that we LOVE: delicious treats from Winnow, fragrant flames from Franki Gusti and #pamperyoselfmad pretties from local Camden babe The Soapstress. Our Health collection features gorgeous seasonal fruit fresh from the markets and if it doesn't already include it, all have the option to add a bottle of our preferred deeee-licious drop  (you guys know we ONLY drink pink beverages right?). So flower lovers, you now have a range to choose from instead of us scrambling madly to whip something together, but keep in mind that as per usual if you prefer something custom, just let us know and we can pop it together for you! Introducing.... LOVE, CHILL and HEALTH... shop via the link HERE x