Our Clementine Mummy's- Katerina & Ella

We have known Kat since she came into our original little shop, heavily pregnant, and ordered a flower crown for her baby shower. After the baby shower, little Ella came along and they have quickly become one of our fave duo's to visit us instore!


Kat's go to flower look is white, crisp and fresh, so our pick for her is the Classic Mumma! All white, with fragrant stock, classic disbuds, fluffy cotton and a splash of rose gold.

Ella's pick for Mum are delicious raspberry and coconut  Winnow Chocolates.. perfect to add some extra sweetness to your blooms!

I got it from my Mumma!

We love and adore our Mums, we love and admire our friends who are Mums and we love that this week we get to celebrate them is a HUGE way! All this week we are going to share pics of some of our fave Mums, who were generous enough to hang out with us a few weeks ago and shoot our Mothers Day campaign!


The Clementine Crew will be working madly all week to prep and make your Mums the most gorgeous blooms... shop our online store now and make sure you get your order in!

Cover Photo 3110-2.jpg

And in case you were wondering... this is what it looks like when you leave a florist with no kids herself in charge of SIX children while their Mums star in a photo shoot... see the panic in Ash's eyes! Thank goodness for good Mumma's and the great kiddos!