This week we had the fun and bubbly Stacey (@est.building) style her flowers within this cool, industrial theme. She sure likes a pun - “I’m almost peonie my pants with excitement!” was how excited she was to be a CP style ambassador!


Spring isn't all sunshine and rainbows.. step into the dark side with burgundy ranunculus, deep purple anemones, fresh local snapdragons, vintage roses, dusty phalenopsis orchids and hints of gold. We love a bit of drama!


For flower of the week we had the amazing Natalie (@natluzzi) show us her incredible & colourful blooms in her soft pastel themed home.

Our fave orchids are back in the most gorgeous pastel rainbow shades! Four stems, clustered together with fresh foliage and gold leaves to make a super fun and long lasting bouquet.


Meet our amazing and absolutely HILARIOUS staff member Emma! She has been working with Ash since day dot. We especially love when her daughter Frankie comes to give us girls a visit at the shop - she has her own clementine shirt too! Emma makes incredible bouquets and is always there to lend a helping hand whenever you need it :)


Hi Emma, Favourite flower and why? Dahlias, coral Peonies and garden roses OH MY!

Your go to cocktail? Mojito 

Favourite dog and why? Labrador and pug cause I’m a mother to both. Although my dream is to one day own a Pomeranian because they are always smiling

What is your fave thing to make? A super big chunky vase arrangement

Fave colour combo? Pinks/Corals & more pink!

Favourite wedding venue? Moby Dicks but also LOVE an original set up on a private property

If you were trapped on a desert island, what three things would you take with you? Husband, daughter and fur babies ( although that’s 5 things so if I knew my pets were safe at home the 3rd thing I would bring would be milk )

What song gets you on the dance floor? Anything by the legendary Britney Spears

Most used/fave movie quote? “What about chu side burns... you want some of this milk?! “

Best pizza combo? Hot and spicy


Meet our big chunky bouquet making, fluffy dog patting, high school musical singing, gorgeous Tiani! She joined the crew in April 2017 but it feels like she has been here from the beginning... aka Tiani is never allowed to leave us... EVER!!


Hi Tiani! What is your favourite flower and why? Love a poppy scabiosa or a big reflexed rose, because it takes a bunch from 0- 100

Go to cocktail? Lychee martini or mojito

Favourite dog and why? Sausage dogs or shiba inus- because they are always doing something super weird!

What is your favourite thing to make? Just a hand tied bouquet or a good poppy squat case arrangement

Favourite wedding venue? Bendooley Estate.

If you were trapped on a desert island, what 3 things would you take with you? Hot chips, my dogs and a hammock

What song gets you on the dance floor? Come on Eileen

Most used/ fav movie quote? "Yelling! Angry! Waving my hands a lot. Specific point of view on things. Cynthia. Cyn-Thi-a. Jesus died for our SIN-Thi-as. Jesus cried. Runaway bride. Julie Roberts. Julie rob-hurts. Cynthia, you're dead. You are dead. Be boop beep you're dead"

Best pizza combo? Cheese!!! 


Since there are what seems to be so many of us, we wanted to (finally!) introduce ourselves so that when you are instore you know a little about who is whipping your bouquet together! For our first ever 'Meet the Clementines" we introduce Jade, our big fluffy vase making, all things girly loving, barbie dream house inspired flower expert....


Hi Jade! What is your favourite flower and why? Hybrid Delphinium because it makes everything look so beautiful!

Your go to cocktail? Fruit Tingle!

Favourite dog and why? Chow Chow dogs- because they're so fluffy!!!

What is your favourite thing to make? I love a good vase arrangement :)

Fave colour combo? Pastel- or pink everything!

Favourite wedding venue? Bilpin Resort.

If you were trapped on a desert island, what 3 things would you take with you? I would take as much chocolate as I could carry, my phone and plenty of water :)

What song gets you on the dance floor? I've Had The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

Most used/ fave movie quote? Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Best pizza combo? Cheeeeesssseeee!