This week we had Natalie (@natluzzi) present these BEAUTIFUL local peonies in her home. Nat shows us how versatile these blooms are and how magical they can look by your bedside table, your coffee table or dining table. We love the simplicity of these blooms because lets face it, all you really need is a pretty bunch of Peonies for the month of November!

Clementine Posy 1.jpg
Clementine Posy 2.jpg
Clementine Posy 3.jpg
Clementine Posy 4.jpg

November is our favourite time of the year for one very good reason... PEONIES! We are very lucky to have our hands on some super gorgeous, local, fluffy, girly, everything you could ever want from a flower pretties and are making them our FLOWER OF THE WEEK!!! Send your love, your mum, your neighbour, your bestie or yourself a big bundle of these delightful blooms, gathered up with fresh foliage and presented in our signature CP wrap.