Meet the wonderful owner of Clementine Posy, Ash. Without her we would be lost! Well, we wouldn’t actually have jobs but she is like Glinda - she makes everything happen with a swish of her magical floral wand. She is pretty damn funny and we’re lucky to have her as our boss! YOU RULE ASH!


1. Fave flower and why? Peonies and Phalaenopsis orchids, hybrid delphinium, sweet avalanche roses Daphne, and waterlilies- my grandfather used to grow them and I love how they would open in the morning and close at night to 'sleep'.

2. Go to cocktail? A refreshing mojito or aperol spritz never goes astray, but my first drink after a long day of wedding setup if I'm expected to socialise that night is always an espresso martini.

3. Favourite dog and why? The loves of my life, Spencer and Parker, my adored motley pug x beagle mixes.

4. What is your fav thing to make? A chunky, clustery, poppy and traily bridal bouquet is always my speciality.

5. Fave colour combo? I love blush, nude and white, or a pale blue, nude and white, or super summery peaches and pinks- gelato tones.

6. Favourite wedding venue? I love a private property, and I love it even more if it means I can pat a fluffy cow or a lovely dog or cat. Non private property wise, the Orangerie at Milton Park is divine and they have a lovely rag doll cat you can cuddle, I call him Tim Tam.

7. If you were trapped on a desert island what three things would you take with you? Assuming my beloved dogs Parker and Spence, and my cats Harper, Kendrick Lameow and Katniss are already there, a map, a cruise ship and a captain to ensure I get back to civilisation in style. Oh and fully staffed and stocked bar. And aloe vera, as even one minute on a hot desert island and I would be burnt to a crisp.

8. What song gets you on the dance floor? Modern Love- David Bowie

9. Most used/fav movie quote? 'Whoa whoa whoa Miss Lippy'

10. Best pizza combo? Pepperoni and Pineapple, its the best.