Flower care

We love flowers at Clementine Posy and want you to enjoy your blooms as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you.

Your blooms will show off more than Justin Bieber at a Victoria Secret Fashion Show if you follow our simple steps!



All our bouquets are delivered in a 'wetpack' - basically the stems in oasis or wet tissue to keep them cool and provide a very temporary watersource. 

As soon as possible, your blooms need to go into water because these babies loveeeeee to drink! 

Select yourself a super cute, super clean (bacteria is the enemy of flowers!) vase and fill with fresh, cool water. 

We don't believe in 'floral preservatives' as essentially they are just sugar, which makes your flowers bloom quicker and essentially die (insert sad face here!) but we do advocate for a splash of plain old household bleach in the vase water, to keep bacteria at bay and that vase super sparkling! 

CP - large vase arrangement (10 of 10).jpg


Unwrap your bouquet, remove the wetpack and make sure any stems that will be underwater are super clean (no leaves) although we do our best to do this for you! 

Cut the stems on an angle with a nice sharp pair of scissors, place your beautiful blooms into your vase & pop them in a spot out of direct sunlight or heat where you can admire them. 


Some flowers can drink a lot, so top up the water frequently and change it completely (don't forget to clean the vase & add a splash of bleach) every two to three days...and enjoy!