Ashleigh Stewart, Head Flower Warrior

Affectionately dubbed ‘The Flower Warrior’ by her friends, Ashleigh dreamt up the concept of Clementine Posy while collecting vintage ribbons to tie around the lush posies she would make for herself, her mother, grandmother- really anyone who would accept one.

Growing up, while most kids were taking the bins out once a week for their pocket money, Ashleigh’s chore of choice was weeding the garden with her botanic obsessed Stepfather, and at age 8 announced to her mum ‘I want to be a florist when I grow up’ while arranging bits and bobs cut from the garden into a plastic cup. Fast forward to age 18 and after dabbling with uni and a more corporate environment, she entered the floral realm.

Ten years on, after working in all aspects of the flower industry from beautiful boutique florists to the busy call centre of a commercial florist and everywhere in between, Ashleigh felt it was time to take on the flower world in her own unique way.

The Clementine Posy look is lush, organic, girly, unexpected, vintage inspired and at times a little bit ramshackle.  Influenced by nature, ribbons, love letters and black & white films, Ashleigh is a romantic at heart and her work reflects that. Not afraid to dive into a bucket of random stems at the flower markets to find the perfect bloom, or scour op shops to find the perfect decanter to place said bloom into, Ashleigh is a perfectionist with an eye for detail.

From bouquets to headpieces, table centres to huge arrangements, Clementine Posy’s unique brand of floral couture will bring an inspired touch to your wedding or event.